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Fern Creek sources the finest of bourbons available from the biggest named distilleries in Kentucky. Transparency on whom produces our bourbon will always be stated, whenever our lawyers allow us to divulge that info.


An ultra premium bourbon that is extremely limited. This bourbon is top shelf and of superior quality. Age and taste profile will vary between batches so make note of your favorite one. Great for sharing during special occasions with friends and family. Price will vary between batches but expect to see this on the shelf starting at $149.

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All single barrels are bottled straight from the barrel without chill filtering. No barrel will taste exactly the same. This bourbon is good to savor on the weekend due to its high proof; avoid making important plans when drinking this bourbon. Shelf price at the store will be around $79.


This bourbon is a batch of selected barrels generally bottled at 100 proof. Great for daily sipping after a hard days work. Drink it straight, on the rocks, or mixed into your favorite bourbon cocktail. This bourbon can be found on the shelf for around $59.

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Currently our private barrel program is only offered to Kentucky retailers through our distributor Heidelberg. Should you be interested in your own private barrel of Fern Creek bourbon please contact a Kentucky liquor store. All barrel picks are done in person at Three Boys Farm Distillery in Frankfort Kentucky just off I-64. Should you need anymore information just shoot us an e-mail.


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